My name is Robert "Tony" Myers, owner of About It All and Purpose E-Liquids. About It All serves as a catalyst to provide opportunities for individuals with special needs through volunteer and employment positions. We are certified by the State of Pennsylvania to provide supported employment to create these opportunities. Our mission is to support and raise awareness for Autism, Breast Cancer, and Epilepsy. To bring this vision to fruition, we have created an amazing Premium E-Liquid line called
"Purpose E-Liquids".
Hand crafted with the cereal lover in all of us in mind. A delicious blend of just the right amount of cream and fruit flavor topped of with marshmallow.

$1.00 of each bottle sold will be used to fund employees with special needs and to raise awareness about Autism.
A Hibiscus flavor with a splash of tangerine that will heighten your spirit and your taste buds.

$1.00 of each bottle sold will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.
Inspired by Americas favorite blueberry cake donut accented by just the right amount of vanilla bean ice-cream on the exhale.

$1.00 of each bottle sold will be donated to raise awareness for Epilepsy.
A Fruit lovers dynasty combined with graham cracker pie crust that was created to satisfy every palate.

10% of the proceeds are donated towards advocacy efforts to help preserve and protect our industry.
A decadent, mouthwatering strawberry kiwi ice cream hand crafted to perfection.

All Profits from every bottle sale will be used to provide PURPOSE and Opportunity for Special Needs Adults.
After donations are made, 100% of the proceeds from Purpose E-Liquids is used to fund Special Needs Programs. With your support, not only do we give individuals with Special Needs a sense of purpose, but we also give them the opportunity to learn new skills, develop great work ethics and become financially independent.